Avgi Lilli (Bulgaria, 1980) is a Greek-Cypriot poet and a script writer who is based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

She has published two poetry collections; The Slaughter of the Century (2018) and Rough notes on a life vest (: Πρόχειρες σημειώσεις πάνω σ’ ένα σωσίβιο) (2011).

She is also interested in the multidisciplinary aspects of poetry and its interaction with visual and performance art.  As a poet she focuses on the deconstruction (“distillation”) of language and meaning. Her poetry has been characterised as a refreshing feminist poetics of fragmentation.

She has written dramatic monologues for the stage and co-written scripts for short film productions [TRNZT (2019) written with Marios Prsaras, post-production; Drained (2019) written with Anna Fotiadou, pre-production].

She studied Classics and Modern Greek Philology and holds a PhD in Modern Greek Philology (University of Athens, 2017). Her  thesis focuses on the work of Modern Greek postwar novelist Alexandros Kotzias (1926-1992). Her main academic interests lie on intertextuality in Modern Greek and contemporary Greek poetry, Ancient Greek mythology and its contemporary perception, as well as the Modern Greek post-war novel and its polyphonic genre. 

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